Fall Cleanup!

What is involved in a fall clean-up?

Leaf and debris pick-up

This includes picking up the leaves and debris that fall on your lawn and in your beds. If leaves are not cleaned up in the fall, they may be very wet, heavy and probably smell by the time spring comes around again. Not to mention, it helps prevent fungi, viruses and insects from growing in the leaves.

Final mow and trim

This will leave your lawn looking clean and manicured and prepares your grass for the next growing season. It also helps pick-up any remaining debris. Keeping trim in the fall, also makes it shorter and more manageable come spring.


This process punches tiny holes into the lawn to loosen soil and expose it to oxygen, water, fertilizer and any other nutrients. It helps with soil compaction which can give an early start to spring growth.


If you are looking for that lush, green lawn, fertilizer can kickstart spring growth once the snow starts to melt and is the last step in a full spring-clean-up package. And if you aerate your lawn, this is the best opportunity to get those additional nutrients down into the soil.

Let us help you with a professional fall clean-up. Packages start at $145.00.

Leaf and debris clean-up

Mow grass

Aerate $145.00

Fertilizer application $175.00

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