Cold Snap Tips!!

Calgary is in a cold snap with "extreme cold warnings" in effect for Southern Alberta for this week with temps with wind chill expected to go as low as -40 to -50 brrrrrr. Here are some quick tips and things to make sure you have on hand so you are not left out in the cold if you have to be outside in it!

1. Dress for the cold with layers!

2. Make sure your vehicle is winter ready

  • Check your vehicle battery or get it inspected. The cold is tough on a battery so if yours is depleted it may not start your car

  • Think about getting a battery warmer and metallic block heater (widely available at Canadian Tire etc.) They insulate parts of your engine that don't like the cold and make getting it started easier

  • Top up your windshield washer fluid – and make sure its rated for the correct winter temperature

  • While you’re at it, top up your antifreeze!

  • Winter tires!!!!!

  • Full tank of gas - you never know when you could be stuck in traffic

  • Check your lights, brakes and wiper blades- crucial for keeping you safe

3. Carry an emergency kit in your car!!

It may seem like overkill if you are just driving around in the city BUT you never know when you may get stuck for a while whether it be in traffic or a snowbank, a road closure or breakdown! A ton of these items are great to have around also for the warmer months.

For an amazing in depth winter prep list for both home and vehicle check out:

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