The importance of a spring clean-up

Now that it's April, it's time to look ahead to spring and spring cleanups.

We often get asked about the benefits of a clean-up and what each part of the process does.

Power rake/de-thatching - Is a very important step in the process as it loosens your lawn up and removes/controls thatch. Removing thatch also increases the effectiveness of fertilization and watering which helps your lawn perk up faster.

Debris clean-up and removal - Besides making your yard look amazing removing any left over leaves and debris allows your yard to breathe and promotes new growth.

First Mow/trim - Your first mow of the year leaves your lawn looking fresh and clean and encourages new growth.

Aeration - Allows your lawn to breathe. It makes space which allows oxygen get to the roots of your lawn, helps with soil compaction and also helps in the absorption of water and nutrients which helps lead to a gorgeous lush green lawn for the rest of the season.

Spring fertilization - Giving extra nutrients to your lawn helps it's growth.

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